Reiki Energy Healing 

with Nick & Danica Joy


Reiki Energy Healing 

with Nick & Danica Joy

Restore & Renew

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing which is profoundly restorative.

 This therapy brings balance to your body, mind and spirit allowing you to feel a sense of expansion, clarity and joy. 

Joyful Co-founders Danica & Nick Joy are qualified Reiki Masters and has been practicing the art for 5+ years. 

Nick describes it as “a massage for your soul”


Reiki involves a light touch while energy is channeled through the practitioners hands. You may feel some warmth, tingling or just a relaxed feeling. Each person will experience something different in every session, so we recommend to come with an open mind and heart. 

During the session, you will remain fully clothed and be laying on your back on a massage table. You may drift off to sleep or drop into a meditative state.

You may experience a range of emotions and feel sense of relief. 

Each session begins with a short guided meditation to relax your mind and body. 

Restore. Relax. Unwind.


Pricing and how to book

Please email us for availability and bookings  

30 min session: $50

60 min session: $90

Sessions include a guided meditation to calm your mind.

Contact – Nick & Danica Joy 

What people are saying

“Very magical space.

There is the most beautiful energy there and Nick and Danica are so warm and welcoming. I did reiki work with Nick and it was grounding, profound, insightful… and very joyful! So thankful for the experience. Highly recommend!” 

Julia Anderson


“Awesome Reiki experience!
Very revitalising calming and refreshing, I was feeling drained from work and everyday stressful life things, after seeing Nick at Joyful, I felt 100% recharged.”

Alice Gironella


“”I had an incredible experience. I felt so relaxed and light afterwards” 

Lorna Hill 

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