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Why Mindfulness Matters

We live in a world of endless to do lists, non stop notifications and the perceived need of ‘more’ to be happy.

Mindfulness is a breath of fresh air, an opportunity to connect to what is true – in the present moment.

It’s about noticing the little things, like how you are sitting, can you release any tension around your shoulders?

It’s about noticing your thoughts – are they calm or chaotic? Mindfulness is a practice, one that brings you into the now.  

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Nice to meet you

Ki Ora, we’re Danica & Nick Joy. We started this journey in 2015 sharing yoga, meditation & mindfulness.

Joy is not only our surname, it’s our approach to life. And we’re on a mission to share it with you!

We are based in Raglan and live in a tiny home with our 2 dogs (and soon to be Baby Joy!) and teach across the Waikato & Auckland CBD. 

Nice to meet you

Kia Ora, we’re Danica & Nick.  We’ve been sharing joy since 2015 through the practice of yoga, meditation & mindfulness.

In 2018, we got married and chose a new last name to represent our purpose in life. Joy.

With your help, we can make New Zealand a (even more) joyful place. 

Want a more joy-filled workplace?

Mindfulness has been proven to relieve stress, anxiety and ease a busy mind.

There has never been more psychological and neuroscience evidence revealing the benefits of a mindfulness meditation based practice. 

Mindfulness can dramatically boost mental focus, improve memory and allow you to better understand yourself and the world around you.

We provide innovative ways to help your workplace to be a mindful one – ultimately enhancing health and wellbeing.

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