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Journey to Joy

Posted by Danica | May 2019

Last year a Kiwi and an Aussie got together in their favourite place in the universe (Raglan) to express their eternal love for each other. Sealing their fate in marriage they both chose to move forward with the last name Joy – A mantra to live by and share with the world.

They have just rebranded their Auckland based yoga delivery business “Bikes & Bends” to there latest creation “Joyful” and what’s special about these two characters is that they are really living up to their new name.

You can find them and their team in the centre of Auckland sharing Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. Nick says;

“We’ve always wanted to make Mindful experiences more accessible to our Auckland community, and now the dream is a reality”

If you’re looking to find some inner peace in your life “Joyful” is the team to lead you there with free Yoga in Wynyard Quarter.

Their most recent venture “Britomart Meditation” can’t be missed. It begins with a warm welcome, noise cancelling headphones and a guided journey inwards with the melody of relaxing music and gentle instruction. Oh and did we mention its Free?

“Mindfulness has never been more needed in our busy modern world. We are so “connected” yet disconnected from the things that really matter.”

Neuroscience shows us that we can train the brain to be more focused on the present and spend less time mind wandering. By taking some time out to meditate may mean you spend less time procrastinating, worrying and ruminating leaving you more time to feel alive.

Joyful – Helping you journey back to inner peace and joy.

To join a session with Joyful please visit there website (soon to move to or just pop down to Britomart for an unforgettable experience

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