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Reiki Energy Healing

Posted by Admin | Feb 2019

“My Reiki experience with Nick was awesome. Right from the start I knew I was in good hands from the energy in the room. Nick fully took the time to explain the process, putting me in a relaxed and open state and I left feeling cleansed, clear and balanced.  Nick embodies his craft and is a skilled practitioner, seriously go and see him!” 

Michael Jewell

“If you want to understand the universe, think vibration, frequency and energy” – Nicola Tesla

Reiki works on your subtle energy body, it’s like a massage without touch. Yep, sounds crazy eh? However, if you’re open to experiencing a boost in your energy then think about booking a session.

Nick offers Reiki sessions online as well as in Raglan. Sessions can be a short as 30 minutes and up to 2 hours. 


Heres what people are saying:

“Nick’s Reiki treatment was amazing! I found the session itself to be profoundly relaxing, and afterwards I felt so lifted and full of joy – I couldn’t keep from smiling. Thank you Joyful!”

Freddie Jenkins. 

“I have always been a bit skeptical about Reiki and what it can do. I mean how is it going to do anything, waving hands over someone surely can’t do anything.

I wanted to try something new as I suffer from chronic migraines and looking for new ways to help. During my first session of Reiki I had a migraine and was having a tough day.

Nick was amazing and helped me relax with a guided meditation and then started the Reiki, and although there is no touch I could “feel” the Reiki working. I had an incredible experience. I felt so relaxed and “lighter” afterwards, and the next day as well.

I would defiantly recommend people try it. If nothing else it’s a lovely hour of relaxation away from our busy lives.”  

Lorna Hill